Phelsuma klemmeri

Phelsuma klemmeri

Seipp, 1991

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Naming history
Phelsuma klemmeri Seipp, 1991
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Common name:Klemmer's Day Gecko
Etymology: Named after K. Klemmer
Terra Typica:Antsatsaka, North West Madagascar
Size:85-95 mm
Minimum temperature:20C
Maximum temperature:27-28C
Latency period:39-52 days
Method: Non-gluer


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This a small and beautiful species. It has a yellow head, its belly is grey/white and the back is lightblue covered on both sides with a neon-blue line. The tail is also blue and sometimes it degrades to blue/purple. The legs are light brownished with light spickles on it.
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In one word: easy! This is really an easy Phelsuma to keep. They are not agressive to eachother, females aren't hunt down. During the season (March - September) the female will produce almost every 4/5 weeks two eggs. After an average period of 70 days they will incubate. The juveniles are an exact copy of their parents (but a lot smaller, 3-4cm head-tail). They start immediately eating small fruitflies. ones a week I gave them a mixture of Olvarit babyfood (banana), vitamine AD3, powdered eggshelfs and powdered sepia. The juveniles seems to like this very much (it smells and tastes very sweet). I keep my juveniles separately because of the small containers I use, 30x20x20, but you can keep a small group together if you provide them enough room and food.
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