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september 2003
Finally an update... Last few months were a litle bit hectic. Due to circumstances I didn't have the time to update this site. (Damn, I hate it when I lost my job due to the stupidity of others...)
There is a new book 'Day Geckos in Captivity'. It will cost around 20.
Rumours about a new species: <i>Phelsuma minima</i>. I don't have any information yet. Check http://forums.phelsumaweb.com/ for the first pictures....
mei 2003
More pictures about <i>P. klemmeri</i> and <i>P. robertmertensi</i> are added to the site. There was also a mistake in the <i>P. lineata</i> section. The species shown were not correctly identified. I found a new recipe for fruit flies. It is a very easy en good one.
For a lot of species I have added the etymology.
april 2003
I was a little bit busy this month, I made a few additions to the site. I added some pictures of <i>P. m. madagascariensis</i> and <i>P. madagascariensis grandis</i> made with a digital camera by Jasper Koenders.
I added a few more links to other herp-sites. So check them out.
If you have pictures of Phelsuma, please send them to me!
maart 2003
Added a few pictures of <i>Phelsuma cepediana</i>, <i>P. laticauda</i>, <i>P. ornata</i> and <i>P. quadriocellata</i> to the site. These pictures were taken in the early 90s with a very fast film (1600 ASA).
februari 2003
A few recipes for breeding your own food were found on the net. I added them to this site. For Wax moths and fruit flies. Hope it's interesting for you.
Don't forget to sign my guestbook!
januari 2003
Happy New Year!
I added some information about food for Phelsuma. In the near future I will upload some recipes for breeding your own food, like fruitflies.
december 2002
A Sitemap is added. I have to update it, but is working right now.
Added a few links. Updates on species information.
Bought a new book about Phelsuma. It is a special edition from DRACO magazine
november 2002
The information of a lot of species was displayed wrong. I mixed up the egg laying method. It should be correct by now. (Thanks to Jasper)
oktober 2002
I added a few links. I hope I got more time now to update the site. Last few months I was short of time....
juni 2002
A major change in the lay-out of the website.
Added a few photos.
april 2002
New species added: <i>Phelsuma hielscheri</i>.
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