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Day geckos English
Day Gecko Digital Library (DGDL) English German
Quote: 'The Day Gecko Digital Library (DGDL) contains arguably the most complete collection of information on the genus Phelsuma.' Site is in English, but a lot of articles are in German. Not everything is accessible.
PhelsumaWeb.com Dutch English
Still under construction. So no information yet...
PhelsumaWeb.com Forum Dutch English
The Comprehensive site to Phelsumas.
Phelsuma Home Dutch English
Small website about Phelsumas.
A.Bakker Reptiles English
An old site, no updates since 1997. Some links are not working, but it gives a nice overview of a lot of Phelsuma species.
Phelsumania English
Phelsumania. Nice site with a lot of general information of almost all species.
Über Taggeckos, Karnivoren, Kakteen, Ameisen... German
General information about Phelsumas. And specifically about Phelsuma laticauda. Also information about some vegetables....
Daggekko Digitaal Dutch
Dutch site about Phelsuma. A lot of general information (housing, feeding, health, breeding)
Captive Bred Phelsuma English Swedish
English/Swedish site.
Phelsuma Laticauda en Phelsuma Klemmeri........... Dutch
Phelsuma Laticauda en Phelsuma Klemmeri, Lygodactylus kimhowelli, Crotaphytes Collaris (Halsbandleguanen)
Greenlive Dutch
A (commercial) site where you can order equipment and food for your little friends.
Taggecko Klemmeri German
A personal website mainly about the Phelsuma klemmeri.
Phelsuma Channel (www.phelsuma.de) German
A (portal) site with information about daygeckos. Contains literature, specie-descriptions, links, etc.
Phelsuma Channel (www.phelsuma.net) German
Identical to Phelsuma.de
Phelsuma guimbauei Dutch English
A site dedicated to the Phelsuma guimbauei.
Leaping Lizards Home Page English
Caresheets, description about almost all Phelsuma species.
Russian Phelsuma Page Russian
Still under construction (As far as I can understand it). Small site, all information is in Russian (So I can't tell if it's a good information source...)
Phelsuma daggekko's Dutch English
A small site, with information about Phelsuma madagasceriensis grandis, P. laticauda, P. lineata and P. standingi.
Interessengruppe Phelsuma German
A site for the German Phulsuma interest group. Site contains a lot of Phelsuma related information.


Henks Nakweekweb Dutch
Site about the reptiles kept by the webmaster of Lacerta.
The EMBL Reptile Database English
A database with the intention to provide information on the classification of all living reptiles by listing all species and their pertinent higher taxa. The database therefore covers all living snakes, lizards, amphisbaenians and crocodiles. It is supposed to be a source of taxonomic data, thus providing primarily (scientific) names, synonyms, distributions and related data. However, a limited number of species accounts contain links to external sources including pictures. The database has no commercial interest and therefore depends on contributions from volunteers. It is currently supported by the Systematics working group of the German Herpetological Society
Amazing Reptiles.com English
An website mainly about snakes and spiders. Contains a lot of beautiful photo's (Also poisonfrogs). Indeed amazing....
Kreca Dutch
Foodsupplier. Delivers food to petshops and zoos. (Commercial)
The Lizard Wizard English
Site with a lot of photos of lizards....
De Luipaardgekko site Dutch
Belgium site dedicated to Eublepharis macularius. Site is in Dutch.
Animal Dream Design Dutch English
Commercial webiste about terraria/vivaria.
Gekko Gek Dutch
Website for gecko fans.
Encyclopedia Mauritiana English
Encyclopedia of Mauritiana.
onder het Palmblad Dutch
Dutch magazine about exotic plants and animals.
Gecko Ranch - Supplies, Breeds, Herpetology English
Online store for geckos and gecko related stuff.
Geckos.de...Die Terraristikseite im Netz English German
This is the website for all those people who are interested in reptiles, especially in lizards and snakes.
Global Gecko Association English
The Global Gecko Association (GGA) is dedicated to gecko enthusiasts worldwide. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in gekkonids, from the professional herpetologist to the hobbyist.


Xenopus Dutch
Dutch society of herpetology.
Wildlife trade in Europe - European Union Danish Dutch English French German Spanish
eu-wildlifetrade.org has been designed to provide up-to-date and tailor-made information to commercial EU wildlife trade sectors as well as travellers. Webpages and documents are in the 11 official languages of the EU. They clearly outline legal obligations with regard to trade in species of wild fauna and flora as well as conservation-related reasons that prompted the adoption of these regulatory measures.
Cites English French Spanish
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
Lacerta Dutch English
Lacerta is the Dutch Society for herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians) and terrarium management, two closely related fields of interest.


gekko.pagina.nl Dutch
Portal with lots of links to Gecko related pages.
Belgium portal with lots of links.
vima-reptielen.startbewijs.nl Dutch
Portal with links to gekko, snake and organizations.


Noorder Dierenpark Dutch English German
Nice Zoo with a beautiful butterfly-garden. They got a reptile section with one couple of Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis.
Burgers Zoo Dutch English German
At Burgers Zoo there are three major 'must see' projects: the Ocean, the Desert and the Burgers Bush. the last one is a great hall containing a jungle. When lucky you will find Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis and Phelsuma laticauda laticauda.


Herpetologisch Centrum Holland Dutch
Vivaria Projects English
Rana Online Dutch English German
Rainforest-Frogs Dutch
De krekelkoerier Dutch


Phelsuma.com Dutch
Hardcore lifestyle clothing company. Only the name is Phelsuma related.


Free Translation English French German Spanish
Well this could help you to read those German books, if you can't understand German....
Google Danish Dutch English French German Russian South-African Spanish Turkish
Search Engine
Viewable with Any Browser: Campaign Danish Dutch English French German Russian South-African Spanish Turkish
Encourages accessible web design
W.I.E.: wie is er? Dutch
Service for counting the number of visitors who are now visiting your site. Site is in dutch, but the service supports also English.

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