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Faszinierende Taggeckos Die Gattung Phelsuma
Jens Krüger, Gerd Trautman, Gerhard Hallman | 1997 | Natur und Tier-Verlag | ISBN 3-931587-10-X
Hardback | 232 pages
Faszinierende Taggeckos Die Gattung Phelsuma The Phelsuma-bible! Awesome! This is a book I like very much. It gives a general description about the genus Phelsuma. Where to find them. Each (known) species (until discovered/described in 1997) are very well described. One minor issue: the book is written in German, I hope there will be an English version sometime....
Day Geckos
Facts & Advice on Care and Breeding
R.D. Bartlett and Patricia Bartlett | 2001 | Barron's | ISBN 0-7641-1699-1
Paperback | 46 pages
Day Geckos This is, as far as I know, the smallest book about the genus Phelsuma. It is all described from a perspective of the hobbyist. The book start with a general description about the genus Phelsuma and describes some of the most common kept species. One chapter is about choosing a daygecko which suits your situation, ie availability of food, housing possibilities. Common problems are described, and a tip for building your own incubator is included. The book is filled with a lot of excellent pictures, even one of a Phelsuma klemmeri handling her eggs. I have one point of critic: to my opinion it is not good to send any living species by mail ('Methods of Shipping', p. 22). This is no good for the health of the animal. Stress is then a big problem. Besides this I enjoyed reading this book. With it's small price it suits the starter who wants to know more about keeping day geckos.
Ralf Heselhaus | 1994 | Ulmer | ISBN 3-8001-7244-5
Paperback | 80 pages
Taggeckos Nice small book about the genus Phelsuma. Unfortunatly it is written in German, which could be hard to read. Besides a general story about daygeckos, like where to find them, how to keep them, it also describes the common species. Besides a short description of a species, it also tells you something about keeping and breeding the described species. The book as a couple of pages with photos of almost all of the animals described in the book. I find this book worth reading, and it completes your collection of Phelsuma-related books.
The General Care and Maintenance of Day Geckos
Sean McKeown | 1993 | Advanced Vivarium Systems | ISBN 1-882770-22-6
Paperback | 142 pages
The General Care and Maintenance of Day Geckos For a while I thought the best Phelsuma related books were written in German, but finally I found one good book about them in English. You could compare this book with 'Taggeckos' of Ralf Heselhaus. The same topics are handled. Like the name of the book says ‘General care and maintenance’, this is the main topic in the book, how to handle your species, how to breed them, what problems are there in keeping them and what are the common diseases and how do you prevent the geckos against the diseases. For almost every described species there is also a picture, so this helps you more to recognize them. For each specie a short description is given, where to find it, how to breed (If known). It is a small and handy book, which I use often for finding some information about daygeckos.
Richard D. Barlett, Patricia P. Barlett | 1995 | Barron's | ISBN 0-8120-9082-9
Paperback | 104 pages
Geckos A book describing geckos in general, there is also a part with description of the most common kept daygeckos. There are chapters wich describes housing, feeding and diseases. Because it describes the whole family of geckos it is not going deeply into the genus Phelsuma.
Day geckos
Eric M. Rundquist | 1995 | T.F.H. Publications, Inc. | ISBN 0-7938-0267-9
Paperback | 63 pages
Day geckos Phelsuma keeping in a snapshot. General care is described (feeding, breeding, housing) The common species are described. A book with glossy pictures, some are a little too dark. Only the chapter about housing the animals is not quite the way I would do. I only keep my hatchlings in those small plastic containers (mostly because I'm allways short of roomspace for them), but all my couples are kept in a natural environment. The animals are harder to find, but they seem to like it acoording to their colors and behaving. In my opninion a natural environment is a must have. General conclusion: Nice to complete your collection of Phelsuma related books.
Keeping and Breeding GECKOS
Hermann Seufer | 1985 | T.F.H. Publications, Inc. | ISBN 0-86622-218-9
Hardback | 189 pages
Keeping and Breeding GECKOS A book about keeping geckos in general. Covered with a lot of glossy pictures, big-lettered book. Although there is a Phelsuma standingi on the cover, there is just a small part about daygeckos. Only the most common species are described. This book is not a must have for a daygecko keeper. If you are interested in keeping geckos or geckos in general you could consider buying it.
Day Geckos in Captivity
Lean and Greg Christenson | 2003 | Living Art Publishing | ISBN 0-9638130-2-1
Paperback | 240 pages
Day Geckos in Captivity I don't have any information yet. I'm waiting until it is available in the Netherlands.
[not rated]English
DRACO | 2001 | Münster (Natur und Tier - Verlag) | ISBN ?????????????
Paperback | 96 pages
Taggeckos This is actually not a book, but a special edition of a magazine.
[not rated]German
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