november 2004
There were two new species discoverd. Phelsuma kely and P. vanheygeni. The Phelsuma guimbeaui rosagularis is no longer a subspecies of the genus Phelsuma guimbeaui but it is now a species on its own Phelsuma rosagularis.
Added a couple of links. I did notice something went wrong during my last update. Changes made on my local system were not persisted to the server. I hope everything is fine now. Enjoy!
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september 2004
Again not much time to update the site. My son Rik was born on aug 27! I will spent the coming few months with spilling milk, changing daipers and stuff... I'm a proud daddy now.
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augustus 2004
Together with my girlfriend, I went to the Emmen Zoo (Netherlands). Just a little trip with just the two of us. Main goal was to check how our female Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis. Great to see your own offspring in a Zoo! I added some pictures of the Phelsumas.
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maart 2004
Nothing happend the last few months on this site. I recently got a new book 'Day Geckos in Captivity'. Soon I will add a review of this book on the site.
Added a few links.
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oktober 2003
Added a link to the forum of It is a great forum for Phelsumaniacs from all over the world. So check it out and become a member!
Got a few new pics from Ivan Nagorny (P. klemmeri, P. breviceps, P. borbonica, P. ornata and P. inexpectata). If you've got any pictures of Phelsuma, please send contact me.
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